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Everyone has a story to tell… yours can now live forever.

Whatever your story, I provide what I think is a unique and affordable service.

We start the process with  a preliminary meeting and define your project, outlining your story and checking  the images you may have, adding clarity and interest to the final film.  I will estimate the time required to shoot and edit and give you a total cost that will not change.

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Your whole life remembered.

Sit yourself in a comfortable chair, write yourself some notes and start from the beginning. You can stop and start as much as you like to gather your thoughts, there will be no pressure from my side. An off camera friend to add encouragement can be helpfull.  We will illustrate your story as often as possible with your photographs, momentos and videos if you have them. Ideally I film you for 2-3 hours each day over 2-3 days of filming, of course you may prefer to do it quicker, it’s totally up to you.  Allow 5-6 days for me to edit.

Current offer price reduced to £2,000


A defining period of your life.

This is you (and a partner if required) talking about a subject that may have shaped your life and your future. It will be a concise record of your talent whether it be a professional or amateur endeavour. The film can be used as a commercial marketing tool on your website or kept to remind you and your family of your ambition and your success. Generally shot over one day, perhaps in your home and a favourite location close by. I will also shoot any reference material you may have, artwork, craft items, photographs… whatever.

Current offer price reduced to £1,300


A talent/performance you’d like recorded.

If you would like to discretely create a film showing your hidden talent, lets give it a go. I’ll light, shoot and record you so you have a personal record of your performance. It could be used as your first step into  showbiz or perhaps  just kept for posterity.  Up to two people can perform together.

Current offer price reduced to £1,300


Films for special occasions.

These films are generally kept secret from the subject and can vary wildly in complexity, compiling photographs, and momentos with old footage from their lives, often shooting “well wishers”. Current offer price begins at £1,400 but more complex videos can reach £5,000 or beyond.

Meet Bruce, the only guy involved with your video

After 50 years on the creative side of the television marketing and design business at the highest level, I am seeking a more rewarding life, doing what I really enjoy with interesting people.

Recently I have been creating short films for friends and colleagues, using my own video equipment and I’m really enjoying it.

As a “one man band” my latest challenge in these trying Covid times, is to produce great films for interesting people… safely.

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Hints & Best Practice

Find somewhere in your house where you feel comfortable, and hopefully is quiet and looks good.

Prepare notes… you can stop and start as much as you need. You can have as many breaks as you like.

You can have someone with you (off camera) to prompt you, jog your memory, or ask you questions.

Photographs are important, if you talk about key people or key adventures it is good to have a photo which may bring the story to life.  I can transfer key photos digitally or re-photograph photos in frames or albums, none of your precious photos will leave your home. Videos can be included but they may incur extra costs to transfer

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I am introducing my new business with introductory prices, applicable to any films commissioned before November 30th, a genuine 50% discount.

Prices are based on my time to film you, assemble additional photographs and memorabilia, edit your story and deliver your final film digitally with a USB copy.

BIOGRAPHIES: based on 2-3 days shooting and 5 days of editing…


LIFE STORIES: based  on one day shoot and 3 days editing OFFER PRICE £1,300  

LIFE PRIDE: based on one day shoot and 3 days editing OFFER PRICE £1,300

CELEBRATIONS: Based on at least one days filming to gather photographs and material and 3 days edit, but these films can vary wildly in complexity, the number of shooting days and the transfer of your historic footage, consequently costs will vary. OFFER PRICE £1,300 to £5,000 and beyond. 

Prices to all videos could vary with additional requirements such as additional filming and edit days, transferring your own personal videos can be time consuming and often complex adding to edit time, so maybe charged in addition to regular costs.

All prices will be agreed and locked down before we proceed.

All consultations are totally obligation free.

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Your film will be totally professionally produced to the same standard I have lived by all my life.  I have won many international awards in the process, including life achievement awards.

MOST IMPORTANT, you are the person telling your story for your own personal reasons, the story is everything… lets tell it well.

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For bookings and all other enquires please use the contact form here. Alternatively you can contact me via:

MOB. 07711 609 860
HOME. 0207 148 4777